What Works for Your Child is
What Makes the Choice Right.

North Dakota
​Hands & Voices

As a national organization our coordinator and guides and Board of directors can provide the following information.


The Resource Guide for Parents

Quarterly publication, “The Communicator”


Lending Library

IEP Facilitation/Advocacy Support

Public Speakers Bureau

State Chapters Affiliate Support

“We are Hands & Voices” video

Statewide workshops

Legislative advocacy

Parent perspective representation on statewide/na-tional issues

Regional Parent Coordinators

Spanish Speaking parent coordinator

Unilateral Hearing Loss parent Coordinator

Teacher/professional pre-service and in-service training

Deaf /HH Adult Role Models

areas of focus

Parent - to - Parent Support

Guide by your Side Program

Deaf Ed Reform - Educational Excellence

“Medical Home” Initiative

Full & effective Communication Access

Hearing Aid Coverage by Insurance Companies

Universal Newborn Hearing Systems

Parent/Professional Collaboration

Deaf/HH Adult Mentoring

Parent Education and Support

Deaf Child’s Bill of Rights

Natural Environments, Least Restrictive Environment

Communication Choice Making

Meaningful Parent Involvement

Educational Advocacy and Training